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Blocked gutters can become a very costly problem if the issues aren't addressed. 

When gutters become blocked with leaves and other debris, not dealing with the issue can lead to many problems, outside, and inside your property;


  • Water build up in your gutters will cause them to sag and come away from the wall

  • Water will seep into your walls, causing damp and mould on your interior walls

  • Leaks from overflowing gutters will result in unsightly staining on the buildings exterior 

  • Build up of rubbish and debris provides an attractive habitat for insects, which can result in infestation inside your property

  • Gutters and downspouts will eventually crack, split, and peel. 


These signs of gutter damage are warning that your gutters need urgent attention, and after repairs are complete, our Planned Preventative Maintenance program, will ensure any damage is spotted before it causes major issues.

Why Master Property Care?

As experienced London surveyors, our unique 4 step package ensures that you receive an exceptional service from start to finish. Our friendly, helpful and highly experienced technicians will give you confidence that the job will be done properly, and rest assured that our methods will keep costs to an absolute minimum.



Roof and Rainwater Drainage System Inspection using the latest drone technology

Detailed inspection and post maintenance reports, supported by photos and video footage 



Gutter repairs and maintenance carried out by Master Property Care's expert technicians

Planned Preventative Maintenance Plan put in place to prevent future issues

Before & After Photos

Before Maintenance
After Maintenance
Before Roof Maintenance
After Roof Maintenance
Before Rainwater Drainage Maintenance
After Rainwater Drainage Maintenance


When your gutters become blocked with leaves and other debris, not dealing with the issue can lead to many problems. Gutters and downspouts will eventually crack, split, and peel.  These signs of damage are a warning that your gutters urgently need maintenance and repair.  Cracking, splitting, and peeling, when caught early, are repairable and with our Planned Preventative Maintenance program, we can ensure no further damage occurs


We will begin the gutter repair by cleaning the area around the leak.  Plastic roofing cement is suitable if the holes are smaller than the diameter of a nail.  If the holes are larger, we will fill them with small amounts of flashing, the same material that makes up your gutters.  We will embed the flashing into the plastic roofing cement and smooth out the area to ensure the water runs freely.



We will check your downspouts for leaks at the joints.  Gravity over time can cause these areas to weaken, which can eventually cause a leak.  If you have PVC or vinyl gutters, we will safely remove the screws from the downspouts to repair the leak by cleaning the area and replacing the rubber gaskets.  If your gutters have sagged, we will tighten any loose hangers and ensure the gutters are straight. 



The last step is to apply silicone caulk to the downspouts and reassemble the gutters.


Regardless of the amount of damage to your gutter system, our expert technicians can restore it.  If the damage is too extensive and we cannot repair the gutter, we will replace the parts that are damaged.


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